The main home and True Vine Cottage were built in 2004, embracing the finest elements of Louisiana's rich architectural past with a blend of Mississippi heritage as well. As a home based on A. Hays Town's architectural work, the design stands out as dynamic yet timeless, elegant yet earthy, refined yet comfortable, and above all dramatic to the eye yet soothing to the spirit.

The doors of the cottage were harvested from old homes built prior to the 1900's and are made of cypress and pine. The front door of the cottage is estimated at over 100 years old and was located in an old New Orleans residence.

The flooring in the cottage derives from a single sinker log of pine, axe cut prior to the Civil War, and harvested from the bottom of a local river. The local rivers, the Bouie River and the Leaf River, were used to transport virgin pine timber to sawmills to the Hattiesburg area and beyond.

The brick used in the construction of the cottage was harvested from an old Baptist church school.

In the kitchen area, the sink is 1940's vintage and was located in an old home in New Orleans.

The exterior portion of the cottage is reminiscent of the classic Acadian cottage, with its raised front porch and unpainted exterior stairs.

The courtyard is a classic New Orleans style, complete with a fountain, lounge chairs, and a dining set for relaxing and entertaining.  
Photographs on this website courtesy of Britt Langheld and Natasha Burnett.